Kids Indoor Soccer Shoes – Two of My Favorites

Kids indoor soccer shoes are extremely popular during the winter months. This goes without saying because during the winter months indoor soccer is the easy substitute for having fun on an open soccer field on the outdoors. Indoor soccer has long been enjoyed by many and is indeed a popular sport that not only the … [Read more…]

Why I Like the F50 Soccer Cleats

If you came here to get to the f50 soccer cleats and you want to go directly to them now, click here. The f50 soccer cleats have been a favorite of several global soccer starts. Players such as Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez have worn these boots and are happy with the result. You are probably wondering what … [Read more…]

Adidas Copa Mundial Review

Hi guys! If you don’t need to read my Adidas Copa Mundial review to know that these are the soccer boots for you, then click here. The weight of the Copa Mundial is  approximately 11 oz. In the market there are several soccer cleats that weigh an ounce or two less than the Copas – as … [Read more…]