Four Reasons Why I Prefer Adidas Samba Soccer Shoes

Last Updated on August 1, 2022 by Randy

With winter upon us there is no doubt that many soccer players are currently looking for an alternative to their usual outdoor game. In fact, many people actually prefer the indoor version of the game because of its high pace and quick tempo.

Some people already have their equipment and are ready to go, however others will be looking for a good pair of footwear to use. A quick note – if you decide to purchase any products through the links here, I may receive a small commission, but at no extra cost to you.

My recommendation is to go with the Adidas Samba soccer shoes for your indoor soccer games. It’s still a fun shoe that can absolutely do the job but more so it is packed with quality in its construction and design for the fast paced game.


Lightweight Comfort is Always A Great Thing

There is nothing like knowing that you can be as agile as you want to be while playing indoor soccer, without feeling as though you are running around in soccer shoes that start to feel like weights at the bottom of your feet.

Some indoor soccer shoes truly do carry a bit too much weight and especially after your body gets fatigues they can really be a hindrance to how effective you are on the field. Adidas Samba soccer shoes do not have this problem. They are lightweight and a big part of this is due to the die-cut Eva lightweight insole that these soccer shoes carry.


Grip On The Indoor Playing Surface – Muchas Importante

One of the most important things about an indoor soccer shoe is how well it grips the playing surface. You absolutely don’t want to be in the heat of a game and be sliding around when you try to change direction or when you try to do something as simple as slow down your run.

Adidas Samba soccer shoes have a rubber sole that greatly assists the player in avoiding all of these. This rubber sole grips the playing surface well, and as a result, a player can accelerate suddenly without a big chance of slipping. A player can also change direction without a big chance of slipping or sliding.

In this game, grip is definitely one of the more critical factors that you want to have taken care of and you definitely have that when you purchase this pair of indoor soccer shoes.


Controlling the Soccer Ball At High Speed

The Adidas Samba Soccer shoes also have an upper made up of full grain leather. This composure enables players to be able to better take the speed of the ball, when compared to other materials that can make up the upper of an indoor soccer shoe.

I would agree that the material of the upper though, while it contributes to how well the ball can be controlled, the skill of the player is a very important factor here as well. As a player, you do have to be able to control the ball regardless of the material used to construct the upper of your boot, however once you have the basics down from a skill perspective, the leather upper in the Adidas Samba shoe is a plus.

In this sport, which has a particularly higher speed than the outdoor version, controlling balls that come at high speed is pretty important – the leather upper sole greatly helps with this.


Classic Adidas Appearance

You can never go wrong with the classic “three stripes” of the Adidas brand. It has been a logo of prestige pretty much for many generations of players. Adidas is a recognized brand and the logo says it all when you walk onto the indoor soccer pitch. Much like the Copa Mundials, these soccer shoes carry an heir of prestige that is global.

Anywhere in the world that you go to play soccer, or indoor soccer, when you walk onto the field of play with those three stripes showing on your footwear, there will be either a silent, or audible respect. This comes from the appearance of the indoor soccer shoes as well as the fact that the quality of these shoes is well-known, globally.



These are just four reasons why I believe that a pair of Adidas Samba soccer shoes are the premier pair of indoor shoes to go with when you are playing indoor soccer. These shoes are lightweight which is always a great plus.

The rubber outsole holds firmly to the playing surface and the leather upper is a great help with controlling the fast moving soccer ball when it comes to your feet.

Of course the appearance of these boots and its meteoric “three stripes” logo is a plus and will as a result garner much respect from those whom you are playing with, as well as those persons on the opposing team that you are playing against.

All in all, I don’t think you can really go wrong with choosing a pair of Adidas Samba soccer shoes to wear when you go out to play your indoor soccer this winter.





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