Nike Junior Mercurial Victory – A Very Good Soccer Cleat For Girls

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The Nike Junior Mercurial Victory is an excellent pair of soccer cleats. Finding a good quality pair of firm ground soccer cleats for girls is not always the easiest thing to do. In fact, when it comes to boys you can say a similar thing. As the person buying you wonder about several different things such as – how the soccer cleat is going to fit, you wonder about the material it is made out of, you wonder about how comfortable it would be for the person who will be wearing it, and these are just to name a few of the queries that may be going through your mind.

A quick note to let you know that if you purchase any items from the links here, I may get a small commission, but at no extra cost to you. You may also be interested in checking out the best indoor soccer shoes for kids, but right now if you are looking for soccer cleats for a girl, I would strongly recommend the Nike Junior Mercurial Victory firm ground soccer cleats, for several reasons. The fact is though that this is also a very good soccer cleat for boys as well.

Excellent for the Fast Pace of the Game

Soccer nowadays is more fast paced than it was several years ago. The game is growing in competitiveness among players from an earlier age and as a result a cleat or boot that lends to the fast pace of the present game is essential. The Nike Junior Mercurial Victory soccer cleat is lightweight at 6.2 Oz.

This enables players to be able to accelerate without having to deal with restrictive weight on their feet and it also enables players to be able to change direction and come to a stop faster with its specially designed Chevron stud configuration. The studs and the lightweight nature of these soccer cleats make them ideal for the fast pace game of today.

They Score High Points for In-game Comfort

Comfort is major on the list of criteria for purchasing the correct cleats for girls. It is true that there are very tough girls that play the sport, however just because they are tough does not mean that they should have to endure playing the game in a pair of uncomfortable soccer cleats.

One of the major elements of comfort associated with the Nike Junior Mercurial victory firm ground soccer cleat is that it does not have a tongue. In some cases, not all, you may hear some soccer players complain that there is discomfort with the tongue of the soccer boot they are wearing. During a game, if the laces are not as tight as they should be, the tongue may shift giving rise to some degree of discomfort for the young lady.

This tongue-less soccer cleat erases this issue and has received pretty good reviews from those who have bought them. This tongue-less feature has definitely been received with wide open arms by many young players.

Strong Support A Strong Characteristic of these Soccer Cleats

There is a Dynamic fit collar on these soccer cleats. How this enhances the soccer cleat is that it actually acts as a support between the foot, ankle and the lower leg. This is another area of the design that the young soccer players like because this support is not rigid and restrictive.

Instead, it is as it’s name says, dynamic, and allows for the free movement of the ankle, foot and lower leg as is necessary when dribbling or defending against an attacking player. This non-restrictive support given by the Dynamic fit collar is a definite plus and is loved by those who wear this soccer cleat.

The Materials This Cleat is Made From Contributes To Good Ball Control

Without question, one of the skills you need to possess to be successful at the game of soccer and to enjoy the game, is good ball control. Kids who cannot control the ball that well always have to endure degrees of frustration because their self-confidence may take a hit every time they mis-control the ball and the opponent wins it.

Likewise, the total opposite happens if they display excellent control for a pass they received which most people would not have been able to control – their confidence level may shoot right up after hearing the “oohs and ahhs” from the crowd”.

Nothing like that feeling! Well the synthetic leather and embossed horizontal ridges significantly contribute to the player’s ability to control the ball. The very texture of the synthetic leather and construction of these embossed horizontal ridges make it easier for the player to control the ball.

The sole of the shoe is also synthetic and the studs have what is known as toe-off traction. This enables the player to be in total control.

The Nike Junior Mercurial Victory Is A Good Choice

In summary, the Nike Junior Mercurial Victory is an excellent soccer cleat to buy for girls. As mentioned earlier it is also very good for boys, and overall for juniors it is a good choice.

From its synthetic leather and embossed horizontal ridges that assists the player with easy control of the ball, to its Dynamic fit collar which acts as a support between the foot ankle and leg, this boot is a winner.

It is light in weight and as a result won’t hinder or weigh down the player. This soccer cleat is a good choice for young girls playing the sport.



  1. I had this problem over the summer with my own child. She played soccer for the first time and her shoes were uncomfortable and discouraged her from playing. Thanks for the suggestion.

  2. This article is absolutely FILLED with great information. Who knew that soccer has evolved so much over the years? I use to play soccer all the time as a kid but stopped around 10 years old, so it’s fascinating to see the massive changes. I didn’t have any “good gear”. Is equipment essential these days?


    • Great to hear Brandon. I would say it is essential nowadays. Not all the equipment but some good basic equipment like good soccer cleats is definitely a good start. Thanks for dropping by

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