Nike Mercurial Vapor 13 Academy Indoor Soccer Shoe Review

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This Nike Mercurial Vapor 13 Academy Indoor Shoe review is being done to let you know about the strong points of the shoe and also to let you know if there are any things you should be aware of before purchasing this pair of soccer shoes. There’s nothing like having a great pair of indoor soccer shoes to have a good run in, or even if not enjoying the sport, to have to wear casually around. The Vapor 13 indoor cleats are no different.

Let’s have a further look into the shoe and see what this particular pair brings to the table. A quick note before we dive in – if you decide to purchase any items through the links on this page I may get a small commission. That commission comes at no extra cost to you, the pay the same price as if you went directly to the site. Hopefully you see my review as some help. If you do, feel free to click any of the links to have a closer look at the product.

How Comfortable are the Vapor 13 Indoor Cleats

These indoor soccer cleats are very comfortable. They fit very lightly on your foot. As a result you are able to perform at high speed, and it gives you that close touch between your foot and the ball, as opposed to some boots that have a thick layer of leather around your foot. This pair of boots also has a lightweight sock liner which helps cushion your foot and adds to the comfort of this shoe. It is always great when a pair of soccer shoes has this feature because it makes the shoe that much more comfortable. When it comes to comfort overall, this shoe does very well in this department.

Opportunity For Speed

The opportunity to showcase your speed while wearing the Nike Vapor 13 indoor cleats, is big. With a second-skin type of fit this allows you to really move unhindered about the indoor pitch. If during game play you have to make a quick dash, you won’t be held back by the weight of the boots at all. This is therefore another department where this pair of soccer cleats performs well, so if you want to be able to play to your full potential in relation to speed, this pair of indoor soccer shoes, is a great candidate.

Ball Control

Everybody playing indoor wants to be able to control the ball closely to the body. Not only do they want to control the ball closely to their body, but they want to be able to do this at speed as well. You will be able to achieve this with the Nike Mercurial Vapor 13 indoor shoes. The soft synthetic material that surrounds your foot is not only great for speed as mentioned above but it is also great for ball control at a high pace. When the ball impacts this, it is well cushioned. As long as your personal ball control is up to par, these indoor shoes will not let you down when it comes to controlling the ball at high speed.

Aesthetics? How do they look?

These Nike Mercurial Vapor Academy indoor shoes have received some very positive feedback about how they look. The micro textured nature of the boot from heel to toe looks very appealing while stationary, as well as during game play when the boots are moving at high speed. The shape and design is quite modern and it also has an all in one sleek finish which is quite attractive as well. All in all, the consensus for these indoor shoes are that they are quite attractive and easy on the eye.

Some Things To Look Out For

With all cleats there is always a factor or two that you need to be aware of that will make your experience wearing them much better. The first one is shoes size. This pair of indoor soccer cleats fits pretty narrow. For the best experience you may want to step up a whole size or a size and a half. If you have wide feet, this may not be the best pair for you. This is an important thing to know so that you can adjust your ordering size for the best playing and/ or wearing experience.

The other item to be aware of is the type of bottom. The photos on amazon may show a very smooth bottom but in fact yours may have some very little studs instead of this smooth Nike swoosh bottom. This is not a problem as both types do well to grip the playing surface. You will still have a great playing experience with either sole of these indoor shoes.

Playing Surface

Another strong point of this pair of indoor shoes is that it is made to handle not only the indoor playing surface but it can also perform well outside on a basketball court surface. Many people play “indoor soccer” on a basketball court which may be fenced in. The rules and style of play are similar to that of indoor soccer. These shoes perform on this type of surface as well and this can’t be said for all indoor soccer shoes. This is another positive attribute of these shoes and is a further point to think about when you are choosing a good pair of indoor soccer shoes to either play in, or wear around casually.



In conclusion, this pair of shoes is a good pair and is recommended for use on the field of play and off. If you are just looking for a stylish pair of indoor shoes to wear around casually, this one works well. If you are looking for a good pair of indoor shoes to play the game in, well, these work well for that also.

Remember that if you have wide feet, these may not be the correct ones for you because of their lack of width. Also remember that in general the sizing is a bit smaller than usual. You therefore may need to order a size to a size and a half above.

All in all, if you do not have wide feet, the Nike Merucrial Vapor 13 Academy MDS soccer indoor shoes are a great pair of soccer shoes to invest in.


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