What Are Some of the Best Soccer Cleats for Overpronation Out There?

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Have a look here to find out what are some of the best soccer cleats for overpronation. There is nothing like being held back on the soccer pitch because of this. Let’s see if we can assist you with solving this problem.

Overpronation happens when our arches over flattened, forcing our lower limbs to adjust to the shock of the ground more forcefully – while compelling us to push off with our big toe more often than not.

Impact is distributed unevenly, lower body (back, hip, knee, and foot) pain is almost always going to follow a session on the pitch, and players with overpronation issues are much more likely to suffer serious injuries, too.

Thankfully though, with the help of the best soccer cleats for overpronation modern players are able to mitigate these issues quite a bit.

If you decide to purchase any products through my affiliate links on this page, I may receive a small commission, but at no extra cost to you. Here are some of our favorite cleats and boot choices to help you dominate on the pitch, playing the game we love completely pain free!


The Six Best Soccer Cleats for Overpronation


Adidas Copa MundialClick here to see this pair of soccer cleats

Almost universally beloved as one of the most comfortable soccer boots on the planet, Adidas crushed it with this design.

Specifically engineered to support those with overpronation, these cleats offer incredible arch support with extra medial padding. This extra padding is almost imperceptible to the actual player, but it helps to position the arch in such a way that the overpronation issues are eliminated completely.

It’s not uncommon for players wearing this Adidas boot to feel like they have “fresh legs” for the first time – even after long training sessions or marathon games!

The spike pattern on these boots also give a bit of stability to those that are more prone to overpronation. They bite more effectively, they release quickly, and they help to provide that extra bit of push and power as well.

Combine that with a very comfortable kangaroo leather upper that is highly breathable and it’s not hard to fall in love with everything this Adidas soccer boot brings to the table.

The old school design and look is another bonus, too!

You do need to know that these boots are going to fit a little tight right out-of-the-box. But that’s the way that leather soccer boots work. You want them a little snug to start so that the leather can relax and perfectly conformed to your foot when they are broken in.


Adidas X 18.3 Firm Ground Soccer CleatsClick here to see these soccer cleats

If the Adidas soccer cleats above look like they could have been worn by elite level soccer athletes around the world in the 1970s, 80s, and 90s, these cleats look like they come directly from the future!

Featuring space-age materials, the best engineering that Adidas has to offer, and some of the most creative design choices ever squeezed into a soccer boot, there’s a lot to love with these spikes for overpronation issues.

Let’s start with the upper.

Made from a blend of synthetic materials that are carefully selected to mold perfectly to a players foot, these materials are also highly breathable and keep feet nice and cool.

The “sock” in the upper ties the boot to the players ankles and lower leg area without a lot of tension or constriction, too. That guarantees a little more freedom of motion, quicker turns and more agile movements on the pitch, all without any fear of instability.

Add in insoles that have been designed and strategically over padded to correct for overpronation and you’re looking at a real winning combination here. The stub pattern also provides plenty of pop and power for push off, making it easy to accelerate to receive a pass or to generate the power necessary for a devastating score.


Mizuno Rebula Cup Soccer Cleats – Click here to see these soccer cleats

Soccer players not interested in spending a small fortune on new cleats or boots will want to have a closer look at these Mizuno options.

Not quite as flashy nor as expensive as some of the other choices on the market today, these boots are still stable, strong, and performance focused for those with overpronation issues.

The all leather upper is a classic throwback that provides strength, stability, and the ability for a custom fit when the boot is broken in. Perforated leather panels guarantee a level of breathability that solid leather options can’t provide.

Snugging into the boot is easy. These leather soccer cleats don’t squeeze as much as other options might, but still feel nice and stable. That’s huge for players with overpronation.

A couple of extra stabilizer studs worked into the stub pattern provide extra grip on any natural surface.

You’ll have to swap them out for different boots when playing on artificial turf. But if you’re playing a lot on grass it’s hard to beat these cleats. They help you pivot, pop, and deliver stronger kicks downfield (or on goal) like few other cleats can.


New Balance Furon V6+ ProClick here to see these soccer cleats

Lots of players (including professional soccer players) consider this particular model the best soccer cleats ever made by New Balance – and that’s really saying something!

Reengineered almost completely from scratch from the ground up, the Furon V6+ Pro can go toe to toe (no pun intended) with any other soccer boot from any other manufacturer.

The whole idea to build these cleats would come up with something that was incredibly strong, incredibly stable, and effective for those suffering from overpronation without limiting their performance capabilities at the same time.

At the end of the day, this New Balance cleats is fast, is supportive, and allows athletes to make quick moves and pivots without ever worrying about their arches betraying them.

Instead, the perfect footfall is going to be almost automatic no matter what kind of step a player takes. That’s all possible because of the locked in upper supports located throughout the cleats, especially around the arch and the heel.

The heel support in specific is especially well engineered, making these boots feel a little bit like running on a cloud – a strong, stable cloud!

Linings throughout run on top of a nylon plate with a ribbed midfoot section. This allows the cleats to sort of “move” in different directions depending on your own biomechanics while still supporting that perfect footfall we mentioned a moment ago.


Nike Tiempo Genio IIClick here to see these Soccer cleats

These soccer boots have changed quite a bit since 1994 when the first model was unveiled by Nike.

Made famous by the Brazilian national team that absolutely dominated the sport with these football boots on their feet, every year since 94 Nike has rolled out a new model – improving on everything they did well previously while introducing new tech, new material, and new engineering.

Today’s latest version of the Tiempo from Nike is one of their lightest shoes while still using premium quality leather uppers designed to stand the test of time. These boots are strong and stable, helping to keep feet locked into the right position and to avoid overpronation problems.

A shaft on this soccer boot runs about 2.6 inches from the arch itself and a gentle collar provides a bit of extra support to keep the foot in the perfect position for performance on the pitch.

Combine that with an EVA insole that is incredibly comfortable and performance focused and it’s not hard to come away impressed from the engineering on these soccer cleats.

Like pretty much everything else Nike does, these soccer cleats offer a nearly custom fit during the breaking in period. It takes maybe three or four training sessions or practice sessions to really break these cleats in, but once they are broken in they fit like a second skin!


Puma Future 5.1Click here to see these Soccer Cleats

A perfect blend of tried and true engineering principles that help with overpronation and modern materials and fabrics, Puma absolutely crushed the design of their Future 5.1 soccer cleats.

The super soft, almost sock like upper material is incredibly comfortable even when training for longer amounts of time, competing at the highest level, or playing in high temperature and humid weather.

On top of that, the soft material allows for more control when striking the ball and more feel when making passes or dribbling upfield.

The insole itself is cut and shaped to contour the foot into more ergonomic positions when playing soccer, alleviating stress and reducing the risk for injury. Those with overpronation problems aren’t going to have to worry about extreme pain and discomfort when running with these cleats strapped to their feet.

One of the most innovative things that the Future 5.1 soccer boots do compared to other options is allow for almost complete freedom when it comes to lacing them up.

The laces can be configured in a variety of different ways, allowing players to customize how they support and strengthen their feet in the boot but also how they relieve and alleviate pressure in different spots, too.

The final result is really something special!


Final Verdict

When you get right down to it, it’s not hard to fall in love with any of the six overpronation focused soccer cleats we highlighted above.

If you have flat feet, deal with overpronation problems, and want to better support your feet so that you can enjoy everything that soccer has to offer – and really become the best possible athlete you can be without worrying about your feet holding you back – these are the boots to go with.

Check them out today.

You won’t regret it!


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