What Are The Best Soccer Backpacks That Hold a Ball?

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If you are looking for the best soccer backpacks that hold a ball, you have come to the right place. Why? Well because they are many choices out there, but I will list a few that I think are top of the line so that you have a more manageable amount to choose from. Most people that are looking for a soccer backpack, would prefer to have one that can at least hold a soccer ball. This being the case, I have highlighted below a few that I believe are some of the best choices out there.

Before I go on, a quick reminder that if you click on any of the links on this page I may receive a small commission, but this commission is free of charge to you. In other words, you don’t pay a different price whether you use my link or not. If you click on the links here to investigate the bags more, I truly appreciate it. Ok let’s get into the meat of the matter – let’s discuss some of the best soccer backpacks that hold a ball.

Athletico Youth Soccer Backpack

The Athletico Youth Soccer bag is one of the favorites in this category for several reasons. It stands up to the rough treatment dished out by users to a certain extent, it can accommodate a pair of cleats, it is designed with proper ventilation, and it is very comfortable to wear and to move around with.

The cleat compartment is really convenient. In this area, you can store your cleats and get away from having to walk with them in your hand or from having to stuff them in the main compartment of your soccer bag. This will be very convenient for you.

Additionally, this area of the bag is ventilated, so it does not hold the smell of your cleats in there. We all know that after a while without the proper attention, soccer cleats can get pretty smelly. With the ventilated areas available here, that does not become a problem. The area where the ball goes is also vented, so this is also good for keeping any unpleasant scents out of the bag.

Another feature of this bag as mentioned before is that it is pretty comfortable to move around with. You will find adjusting the bag straps quite easy and because of the added padding on them, it will be comfortable to wear this bag on your back. The bag will also be comfortable for you because it is light.

No one wants to feel like they are trudging around with a heavy backpack on their back, even before you start to add the ball, the cleats, and the other stuff you may want to put in it. So the bag also passes the test from the point of view of weight and comfort, this backpack will be very easy for you to use.

Athletico National Backpack

The Athletico National soccer bag is another winner. This is a great soccer backpack that has a ball holder for any soccer player to use. Yes, there are several choices out there but this is most definitely one of your top choices if you are looking for this kind of backpack.

One of the great things about this bag is that just like the youth soccer bag, it is vented. Ventilation is a great feature of a soccer bag because it keeps any unpleasant smells out, and like anything else, the better it is ventilated, the faster the foul smell gets out and is replaced by fresh air.

This is a definite plus for any soccer bag, which can contain items like smelly socks, smelly cleats, and smelly gear, after the game, until you get home to place this stuff in the wash, etc. The ball compartment of this soccer backpack, however, can actually hold up to two balls. Yes, if the compartment for the soccer cleats is not in use, it is big enough to fit a second soccer ball in there. For some people, this will be a great convenience, so if this is you, then you know what to do – this may be the bag that you want to buy.

Another feature of this bag is that it also has a middle compartment that has a 7 pocket organizer, and the back compartment has a padded sleeve for a laptop. These features make the backpack great for school! Having these additional compartments is a definite plus, and puts this bag up there on the scale of desirable backpacks with a ball holder.

Just like the youth bag, this backpack has comfortable, padded straps, that are easily adjustable and allow you to make the bag as wearable for you as can be.

Estarter Soccer Backpack

The Estarter Backpack is another great choice of a backpack with storage for a ball. There are several advantages for you if you decide to go with this choice. One of the major features of this backpack is its adjustable ball compartment. This mesh compartment of the backpack is adjustable by a drawstring. With this feature, you will be able to carry different sizes of balls securely without fear that the compartment size is too big or too small.

Another feature of this backpack is that it has organized pockets – several of them. There is one with pen slots, one with a padded divider for the laptop, a divider for the iPad, as well as a vented one for the soccer cleats. You can never go wrong with a vented compartment for the soccer cleats, so this is a great feature of this soccer backpack.

Speaking of ventilation, not only are the soccer cleat compartments vented, the side pockets are vented as well, and made of mesh. These pockets can accommodate several things such as water, umbrellas, towels, etc. This will come in very handy for you.

This backpack also has very ergonomic bag straps that make wearing this on your back very comfortable. The back is padded and allows for air to pass through easily to keep your back cool as you wear the Estarter backpack, and of course, these padded straps are easily adjustable.

Some past users have said that they were quite surprised at how good this backpack was. For example, they said that they were able to open the backpack without the ball falling out, and they were able to easily clean the nylon interior of the bag. They also said that because the bottom of the bag was flat that it stood upright on its own.

These are some of the little advantages that you would get if you use this backpack.

Dashsport Soccer Backpack

The Dashport soccer backpack is another great backpack with a ball holder. It has several features that are similar to the other top backpacks in this category. Many people have used this bag and reported that it works great.

One of the features of this bag is that it can also fit up to a size 5 soccer ball in its ball compartment. It can also even hold a basketball or any other ball around that size. The side pockets of this bag are also ventilated. We all know the advantage of having ventilated pockets but if you don’t – they keep things from getting smelly.

After that soccer game when you change out and you place your socks and cleats in your bag, they will be sweaty so things can get pretty smelly if you put them in pockets that can’t air out. You don’t have to worry about that with ventilated pockets.

This backpack is also big enough for all your soccer stuff, but not too bulky. There are several compartments and pockets on this bag that can hold a variety of things. Obviously, it can hold the soccer ball up to a size 5, but there are also places where you can easily store your shin guards, water bottles, even a place for your snacks. This is a great convenience.

This soccer backpack is also made of a very durable material – 420D Nylon. The material is not easy to tear or to break and as a result can take the rough treatment that some kids or adults dish out to their backpacks.

This backpack although the material is strong though, you still have to treat it with care because if you don’t, like with most bags, you can get tears in the area of the zip and along the seams. So although it is a strong bag, you still do have to treat it with some degree of respect and care. If you do that, the bag will last you for quite some time.

Mootygy Soccer Backpack With Ball Holder

The Mootygy soccer backpack is another great choice if you are looking for a backpack that can hold a ball. This one has also been a hit with the soccer community because it can hold quite a variety of items, especially that soccer ball – up to a size 5.

The backpack has an easy access pocket to the top and front, which is great for storing your phone or money. It has external pockets that can accommodate two water bottles and a snack. It also has ventilated pockets that keep the germs and odor out of used gear until you can get them home to the laundry.

You can also carry your towels and other items in this roomy backpack. The straps on this bag are curved and padded as well which makes it very easy to carry. These easily adjustable straps help the bag to fit well onto your shoulders and back without much discomfort at all.

There is also added cushioning at the back of the bag which adds to the comfort when you are carrying the bag around. Another feature of this bag is that it has a slanted side slipper which gives easy access to the side pocket and shoe tunnel.

This backpack is used by a lot of preteens, with several parents stating that it has worked well for their kids. One parent commented that even with smelly soccer cleats, the scent didn’t get into their son’s uniforms. Another parent said that the bag was great for holding their 9-year-old son’s gear. The parent said that at first the number of zippers was a bit confusing for their 9-year-old, but after a while, he “got the hang of it” so it was no longer an issue.

So you can see here that this Mootygy soccer backpack is a great option if you are looking for a backpack that can hold a soccer ball and can hold a lot of others things as well.


In conclusion, I believe these are five very good choices for you to choose from. They will satisfy your needs as they have for parents looking for the best backpack for soccer that can hold a ball. They each have their own individual attributes but for the most part, have similar advantages and features that you the parent, and /or player will find quite convenient. To your success finding the perfect backpack for soccer! I really hope that your choice serves you well!





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