What Are Some Of The Best Soccer Referee Shoes Out There?

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It’s time to referee another soccer match and you are looking for the best soccer referee shoes out there on the market. Well, to my knowledge they are several options, and as stated by some referees, some of the options are not even soccer cleats at all. This may surprise you but the truth is that when you are running up and down the field, trying to keep track of the game, the most important thing is that you are wearing suitable shoes, whether they are soccer cleats or not. So, let’s get to it. What are some of the best shoes for soccer referees? My list of top 8 shoes is below.

Product Feature

Adidas Mundial Turf Turf Shoes


  • Legendary Brand

  • Great on most surfaces


Puma King Turf Shoes


  • Iconic Brand
  • Great traction


New Balance Turf Sneakers


  • Comfortable Shoe
  • Great option for referees


Black Adidas Sambas


  • Legendary Brand
  • Durable


Diadora Turf Cleats


  • Maximum comfort
  • Excellent Traction


Under Armour Trail Shoes

  • Very good grip on playing surface
  • Very comfortable Shoe


Saucony Running Shoe

  • Runs true to size
  • Very comfortable


Nike Premier II Soccer Cleats

Comfortable Insole

Great Traction


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Adidas Mundials Team Turf Cleats

The Adidas Mundial Team turf cleats are one of the more popular options out there for referees. We all know that for years Adidas has been creating quality soccer boots. Out of the several choices out there, this one is a clear favorite among referees.

Why? Several referees have said that during the game, you experience a high level of comfort while running and carrying out your role as referee. This is because the shoe lining of these soccer shoes is soft and comfortable. Some referees have also highlighted the great stability and good traction that these soccer shoes have.

Another point that has been made about these soccer shoes is that they wear well on most surfaces – grass, mud and turf. If outside gets very muddy through intense rainfall, the mud will cake up underneath the shoe, so during a very rainy match, there isn’t really much escaping this. This is to be expected though in that type of weather.

So all in all, the Adidas Mundial Team soccer shoe is a top choice, if you are a referee looking for a top pair of shoes to wear during a soccer match.

Puma King Turf Cleats

This is another pair of soccer shoes that is very popular with referees. The Puma King turf cleats are pretty comfortable soccer shoes. Comfort is one of the major things you want in a pair of shoes while you are the referee in a soccer match. With all the running up and down you will be doing, you want your feet to be comfortable, and this pair of Puma King turf cleats will give you a high degree of comfort.

They also give you good traction on grass surfaces as well as turf surfaces. This to me is also a very important characteristic that a referee would need, because during a game of soccer there will be a lot of changes in the direction of play. With these quick changes in direction, you don’t want to lose traction on the playing surface.

When you are ordering these Puma King turf shoes, you may need to order about a half size up as well. The Puma Kings turf cleats are another great choice for soccer referees.

New Balance Turf Sneaker (black)

The New Balance men’s turf baseball sneakers have been recommended by several referees as a great shoe to use while doing the work of the “man in the middle”. This is one of the entries that you would not expect since it is not a soccer shoe, but as a referee, what are you doing mostly with your feet? You are running without the ball. This is why these shoes which are not soccer shoes do so well with referees. Again the number one thing here is comfort level.

They are people outside of the soccer world, who actually bought these to wear around casually and have reported being comfortable in them all day. It is no surprise therefore that this pair of shoes have been recommended by some soccer referees. The traction on these ones is also great, because of the nubby turf outsole. One thing to remember about these shoes is that you should order a half size up. You do not want to be in a situation where you order and the shoe is too tight. It is best to order a half-size up and take it from there.

The New Balance turf cleats are one of the best shoes on the market for soccer referees.

Adidas Samba Classics

For many years Adidas has produced outstanding soccer cleats, turf cleats, etc. It is no surprise therefore that a couple of their soccer cleats have been recommended as some of the best soccer referee shoes out there. The Adidas Samba classics are one of these Adidas shoes that come highly recommended.

These soccer shoes are very comfortable. They have a soft interior which results in a cushioning of the feet. So much so, that many people wear them as casual shoes – people who do not play soccer at all. They are comfort enough for casually wearing around, as well as for running during a soccer match, as a referee.

Along with being a comfortable shoe, the presence of the three stripes is iconic. If you are into the iconic status of Adidas then this is a great choice. The traction of these cleats has been reported to work well for referees as well. So the comfort level, the quality of the shoe, and the traction of the sole, are all good reasons why this pair of shoes is a good buy for use as a soccer referee.

Diadora Turf Cleats (black)

The Diadora turf cleats are great soccer cleats for referees. These shoes are very comfortable for the referee because of their synthetic composition and their flexible sole. They can definitely handle the running that a referee will do, as the ‘man in the middle’.

Comfort again is most important here. These shoes have been described by several former and present referees as having felt great on their feet during the game. Not only are they great during the game though, but they also don’t leave your foot feeling sore or anything like that after the game is finished. It’s one thing to be comfortable during the game but it is also great to not be sore in the feet after the game is finished.

These shoes also fit pretty well to size and is often described as a quality pair of turf cleats. They are considered quality because they are durable and usually will last for quite a while for players. So as a referee, doing mostly running and no kicking of the ball, you can generally expect this pair to last for some time.

This is another great pair of footwear that you can use for refereeing any soccer game.

Under Armour Trail Shoes (black)

These Under Armour trail shoes are very good for refereeing soccer. This is a quality shoe and although not specifically made for soccer, its comfort level and its design are suitable for the running a referee will have to do while carrying out his duties during a match.

One of the reasons that this shoe is suited for referees is because of its lightweight upper. Noone, especially referees, wants to feel as though they are running around with weights on their feet. With this pair of shoes, you won’t get that feeling. The shoes are composed of materials that are durable but lightweight. That is the type of footwear you want to be wearing as a referee.

These shoes also have a good grip even on a wet surface. The grip is important to you as the man in the middle. You don’t want to be slipping and sliding during a game, especially not because of your footwear. With these shoes, you won’t have that issue to contend with. These shoes also fit very well to size. As a result, purchasing them is simple and straightforward. Last but not least, the shoes are quite comfortable on the inside. The midsole of the shoe lends a lot to this comfort. So again, this pair of trail shoes have worked out great for some referees and I believe they will work out great for you as well.

Saucony Running Shoes (black)

The Saucony running shoes have been identified by some referees as being very fit for purpose. If you decide to buy a pair of these you will get a very comfortable shoe for running. This is mainly because of how the shoe is constructed with its grid supportive cushioning. Running in these shoes is comfortable, and because of the rubber outsole, it has also been described as supportive.

These Saucony running shoes carry the number one attribute needed for a referee which is of course comfort. Other than how comfortable the shoes are, they are quite durable and will last you for quite some time, just as it has for most previous owners.

Regarding how they fit, they run true to size. No need to order half a size bigger or anything like that for most people purchasing these shoes. I think they are one of the better options out there for you as a referee and will prove to be a good investment if you choose to wear them as a referee.

Nike Premier II Soccer Cleats

The Nike Premier Cleats are definitely one of the best pairs of soccer cleats out there for referees. This is an actual pair of soccer cleats as you can see. There are several other recommendations that are running shoes and trail shoes but this is one of the brands of soccer cleats out there that are just as good for the player as they are for the referee.

The reason this pair is so good is again, the comfort level. These cleats are very soft and will fit your feet well. As expressed before, there is nothing like comfort for the feet of a referee. With all the changes in direction and running a referee has to do, comfort is number one for the feet.

Along with being very soft and comfortable on the feet, the shoes fit true to size. No need to buy a half size up or down, unless that is how you specifically like your boots to fit but I have never heard of anyone who likes their cleats to fit bigger. I have also only heard of players who like their cleats to fit a bit snug. As a referee though, most referees like it when their footwear fits true to size, but of course the choice is yours. This is another good pair of cleats to referee in.


So there you have it – some of the best shoes for referees to wear for officiating a soccer game have been identified in this article. They all are comfortable to wear and give you a good set of choices to choose from. This list really is a list of eight strong candidates so it is really up to you now to choose the one which you think you will most like, and which will suit you best.

Again, as stated above, the best shoes to wear as a soccer game referee, are the Adidas Mundials Team Turf cleatsPuma King turf cleatsNew Balance turf sneaker (black)black Adidas SambasDiadora turf cleats (black)Under Armour men’s trail shoes (black)Saucony running shoe (black), and the Nike Premier II soccer cleats. These are my top eight picks for the best shoes to wear while being the “man in the middle” of a soccer game.


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