Adidas Samba Classic Review – A Great Pair Of Indoor Shoes

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This Adidas Samba Classic review is being done for people just like you who are intrigued by this iconic pair of indoor soccer shoes. The Adidas Sambas are, as their name suggests, a pair of classic indoor shoes. The iconic three stripes, when spotted, emit a sense of royalty almost, so much so that we can’t help but want to look deeper into whether we should buy a pair or not. So – should we buy a pair of these indoor shoes? Well, let’s look a bit deeper into these shoes to find out. Oh, one thing I should let you know as well, is that if you buy any products through the links here on my page, I may get a small commission, but at no extra cost to you. Ok, let’s look at these shoes.


Summary of the Review

This Adidas Samba Classic review takes a look at several factors of this pair of indoor soccer shoes. We take a look at how well they do in the “attractive” department under aesthetics, then we have a look at their comfort level. We also look at how they perform during game-play and whether or not they are a good recommendation for casual wear. Well, enough of the summary, let’s dive into the details.


The Adidas Samba comes with no accessories in the box but once you take them out of the box you have a very good-looking pair of indoor soccer shoes. You can either order the black pair with white stripes or the white pair with black stripes. The look of this shoe has been fashionable for several decades and continues to hold its appeal. The high-quality leather of the upper coupled with the suede continues to appeal to many people. If you are not purchasing a pair of these to play but are instead purchasing a pair just to wear casually, you have made a great choice.


The Adidas Samba Classic shoes are comfortable. Many persons who have invested in a pair of these indoor soccer shoes have remarked positively about how comfortable they are. The construction of the shoe, with its roomy heel and its comfortable lining makes the shoes a winner in the comfort category. The lining inside is soft and does a good job of cushioning your foot. The tongue here is a bit long, to protect the front of the heel during game-play but you can feel free to either fold it over or you can cut it off as well.

Game Play

The Adidas Samba Classics are used by many to wear around casually – to go for a walk in, to go on hikes, and for many other activities. They are also excellent for their original purpose, which is to be used to play indoor soccer.  So how good are they for game-play? They perform very well. The outsoles are made of a gum-like rubber. These outsoles do a great job of gripping the surface. When you have to make those quick changes in direction during an indoor soccer game, you will be able to do that with this pair of indoor soccer shoes.

Casual Wear

This is one of the main advantages of having a pair of Adidas Samba Classics. They can be worn for several activities other than to play indoor soccer. People have worn them to go on hikes, people have worn them to move around the city on bike – you name it. This is a testament to their comfort. People also wear them around casually because they are easy to walk in, comfortable on the foot, and as stated earlier they are quite comfortable on the foot.


The Adidas Samba classic indoor shoes are well constructed. With that soft lining on the inside and the gum rubber outsole, it is a pretty robust pair of indoor soccer shoes. The leather and the suede on the upper are both of high quality. As a result, the shoe performs well over time. Many owners have reported that they have had their pair of shoes for many years. They also said that over that time, they have worn them while doing different types of activities. We see here therefore that when it comes to performance and durability, these indoor soccer shoes are a winner.

Some Things To Look Out For

One thing to be mindful of when you are looking at purchasing a pair of the Adidas Samba Classic is that it takes a while to break into these shoes. This happens because of the high quality of leather and overall materials used to create these soccer shoes. Although this is true though, the fact is that the more you wear them the faster this break-in period will be over, and you will still have a good quality shoe. So while the break-in period may be a bit longer than other indoor soccer shoes, it is worth it for the quality overall indoor shoe that you get with the Adidas Samba Classics.

Another area of the Adidas Samba Classic indoor shoes to be cognisant of is the insole. Some owners say that the arch support of the insole is too high. Some persons have reported this, but they say that they have been able to take the insoles out and peel the arch support off. When they reinstalled the insoles without the arch support, they said that the shoe was once again quite comfortable. So this is a useful hack to keep in mind if you decide to purchase this pair of indoor soccer shoes.


All in all, after reading this Adidas Samba Classic review, my opinion is that they are a great pair of shoes to invest in. They are durable and will last for a long time. They are one of the top quality pairs of indoor soccer shoes on the market. Many people have said they are comfortable during gameplay. The Adidas Samba Classics are also great for casual wear. They are also great for other activities such as biking, hiking, pretty much all other activities where you need to wear a comfortable pair of shoes. So my conclusion is that these shoes are a great buy and a sensible investment. Click the image below to see more!


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