My Picks For Best Soccer Cleats Under 50 Dollars!

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If you want to find the best soccer cleats under 50 dollars you have come to the right place. People think that soccer boots that cost less than 50 dollars will actually be for kids and big kids, however there are actually one or two soccer boots out there in this price range for adults. Not only do are they economical but also give you good value for money. Have a look at the upcoming examples below and let that be your guide to trying to find some of the best out there on the market in the price range. If you decide to purchase any products through the links on this page, just being open with you to let you know that I will receive a small commission but at no extra cost to you.

My picks for best soccer cleats under 50 dollars are, for men – the Adidas Men’s Goletto Vi’s, for women the Adidas Women’s Goletto Vi‘s and for kids, the Adidas Kids Goletto VI’s, the Dream Pairs Soccer Cleats for boys and girls, the Vizari Infinity‘s, Adidas Kid’s Ace 16.4‘s, Little Plum Hightops and the Diadora Kids’ Cattura MD‘s.

The Adidas Men’s Goletto VI

This boot although at this price point is a quality boot. It has the basic lace up feature which ultimately does hold the boot firmly to the player’s foot. The synthetic leather allows the payer to control the ball at high speed and of course the rubber sole and light nature of this boot allows for speedy play from the player. Now this boot is a narrow boot so if you have wide feet go with a 1/2 size larger and you won’t be disappointed. If your foot is not really that wide I would still order 1/2 size larger though just to give yourself a comfortable fit. These boots are great for their price point and come highly recommended.

The Adidas Women’s Goletto VI

Again the Adidas Goletto VI for women comes up as one of the best soccer cleats under 50 dollars for women. These boots boast the same advantages as those for the men listed above. The rubber sole allows for flexure of the bottom of the boot as well as agility. It is lightweight which is always something that players look forward to in a pair of soccer cleats as it allows them to showcase their speed. Of course the look is classic and that goes a long way for the aesthetics of this pair of soccer cleats for sure. Again with these you may want to order a 1/2 size to a size up from your normal shoe wearing size. Again, a decent pair of soccer boots to invest in.

The Vizari Infinity

The Vizari Infinity soccer cleats are great for both little kids and big kids. These cleats are very strong and durable. What better quality do you want for kids. The fact that they are strong and durable allows them to be able to take a bit of rough treatment and to last for a long time. This is music to a parent’s ears. It is also stitched at the front to upper, to have for kids. You may want to get them 1/2 size larger as well depending. Definitely a good pair for the kids.

Adidas Kid’s Ace 16.4

This pair of soccer cleats is another one that qualifies as one the best soccer cleats under 50 dollars. Its upper is of the prime mesh type which makes the boot fit quite well on the foot. The stud alignment allows for agility and change of direction with ease. This pair of cleats has a thin film on the letter that protects it from water and dirt penetrating the upper which help the boot to last that much longer and show that much more durability. These are a good investment.

Dream Pairs Cleats For Boys and Girls

This pair of soccer cleats are great. They are made of a durable material and they fit well. A very small few have said they are hard to get into at first so that may or not happen for you, but with the quality of the boot and the value for money, this pair definitely ranks as one of the best pairs of soccer cleats costing less than 50 dollars. These cleats are also lightweight which is an added benefit for kids since they can easily move around and maneuver in them – a great buy.

Diadorra Kids Cattura

This is a rather simple pair of soccer cleats. Simplicity with kids however is great and that’s why it has been one of the best-selling pairs of soccer cleats for kids around. Diadora has long been a good brand, and this pair of soccer cleats also bring some good technical aspects such as the stud configuration which allows for good traction and the durable material it is made from. These boots are great for wide feet and it is recommended that you buy a size up. This is a great pair of soccer cleats for the kids.

The Littleplum Cleats

These cleats look great and many kids that play soccer love the look. Not only is the look catchy but the quality of the cleat is also pretty good. The sock at the top of the boot is loved by those who wear it because of the feel it brings around the area of the player’s ankle. There is no need to buy these soccer cleats any bigger because they have a reputation for fitting well, especially for player’s with flat feet. This is another top choice for best pair of soccer cleats under 50 dollars.

The Adidas Kids’ Goletto VI

This pair comes highly recommended for kids. It has that classic look and is very durable. The synthetic leather upper brings durability to the boot and the lace closure allows for strong support between foot and cleat, as well as adds to the classic look offered by Adidas. These soccer cleats are usually wide enough for those with wide feet and when bought in the normal shoe size they tend to fit quite well. They are another excellent pair of soccer cleats available for under 50 dollars.


In conclusion, there you have it – these are the best soccer cleats for under 50 dollars. They give you good design, good durability and traction, and good overall choices for men, women and kids. Here is the list again, just click the ones you are interested in getting more information on the Adidas Men’s Goletto Vi’s for men, the Adidas Women’s Goletto Vi‘s for women, and for kids, the Adidas Kids Goletto VI’s, the Dream Pairs Soccer Cleats for boys and girls, the Vizari Infinity‘s, Adidas Kid’s Ace 16.4‘s, Little Plum Hightops and the Diadora Kids’ Cattura MD‘s.

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