What are some of the best soccer cleats under 150?

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Finding the best soccer cleats under 150 is not always the easiest thing to do. It is time-consuming to scour through pages online or hop from store to store. I know because I have searched for this category of soccer cleats myself and I have also spoken to people who had planned to find soccer cleats in this price range but were having a more difficult time than expected gathering the info. Also, if you decide to purchase any products through my links on this page I will receive a small commission but at no extra cost to you.

In this installment I have put together what in my opinion are the best soccer cleats for under 150 dollars available out there. They are the Adidas X 18.4, Adidas Women’s Nemeziz 17.4 , Adidas Men’s Copa 19.3, Adidas Men’s Predator 19.3, Nike Men’s Tiempo Genio II and the Adidas Performance Men’s Goletto VI FG Soccer Shoe.

Adidas X 18.4 Firm Ground Soccer Shoe

This is an excellent pair of boots and usually fit well and snug on players who have wider than normal feet. They fit well for players who have normal width feet as well. The synthetic upper is lightweight and durable. The durability will allow the cleats to last for a long time and the lightweight allows a player to showcase their speed easily. The flexible outsole allows for comfortable play on artificial grass and on dry firm ground and the arrow head studs really help with having great traction on these surfaces This is a great pair of boots. Click the image below.

Adidas Women’s Nemeziz 17.4 FG W Soccer Shoe

This is one of the best soccer cleats under 150 dollars for women. The soft agility mesh upper really assists with ball control and touch. The look of these boots have been a hit with soccer players for quite some time as well. The nature of the outsole and the stud structure give s rise to stability for the player and this contributes to their play while on the field. One thing to lookout for with this pair of boots is it can fit a bit narrow for some in the top box, so you may want to get a 1/2 size larger if you are past teenage stage. Click the image below.

Adidas Copa 19.3 Firm Ground Soccer Shoe

These are an excellent pair of soccer cleats as well. The have leather uppers which are extremely durable and as a result will last for a long time. The padded primesh collar on this pair of soccer cleats provides a sock-like feel and adds to the comfort of wearing them. The boots are quite lightweight which enables the player to show speed and agility. The rubber studs assist with this as well because of the good grip, allowing players to change direction easily during game play. This one also gives rise to great touch and control because of the stitched leather uppers. Click the image below.

Adidas Predator 19.3 Firm Ground Soccer Shoe

These are also on of the best soccer cleats for under 150 dollars on the market. With this pair of soccer cleats you get a very good touch on the ball and a chance to display deft control with the primemesh upper. Lace closure is also a feature that die hard soccer fans always favor because of its classic look. The heel design in this one allows for comfort around the heel during game play and of course, the stud tips gives a player maximum traction on the field of play. One or two persons have reported that the boot could fit a bit smaller than expected so it may be advisable to buy a 1/2 size or so higher. Most persons though are happy with this pair of soccer cleats. Click the image below.

Nike Tiempo Genio II Leather Fg Soccer Cleats

This pair of soccer shoes has had pretty good reviews. It has a rubber sole which allows for good flexibility, and the leather allows for this soccer cleat to be very durable. The tongue of this one is very thing so it is not a source of discomfort on the top of the foot. This boot is also lightweight and this allows those wearing it to be able to move with agility and at high speed without having to worry about the boots on their feet. This is indeed another good pair that has been a great buy for many. Click the image below.

Adidas Performance Goletto VI FG Soccer Shoe

The Adidas Performance Men’s Goletto VI soccer cleats have performed well. These boots though 100% synthetic still stand up and shows good levels of durability. They are lightweight and as a result allows the soccer player to engage high speed as necessary without being restricted. The outsole of this boot allows for maximum grip on the playing surface. A player will feel quite stable when wearing these boots because of the stud configuration and design. Some have said they fit a bit snug and advises that when you buy the boot to buy it a half size larger. All in all these boots rank highly among some players and is a great pair of soccer cleats to invest in for under 150 dollars. Click the image below. 


In conclusion, these six pairs of soccer cleats really give you a good range of footwear to choose from if you are looking for the best soccer cleats under 150 dollars. These boots have displayed high levels of durability, they are light in weight as a result not restricting the player, they have stud configurations that absolutely allow players to have the grip needed for the playing surface. This allows them to be able to change direction and show agility, without having to worry totally about if the studs are going to slide from beneath them.

As we all know, speed and agility are two important components of soccer and any assistance in this regard is considered an asset. Adidas has always been associated with excellent boots, as well as Nike, so it is no surprise that we see these brand names here. It is also no surprise that they have supplied the market with these excellent boots for under 150 dollars.

So there you have it, six pairs of boots that show a level of reliability that anyone interested in purchasing a pair of soccer boots, to play recreationally or competitively, can depend on – the Adidas X 18.4, Adidas Women’s Nemeziz 17.4 , Adidas Men’s Copa 19.3, Adidas Men’s Predator 19.3, Nike Men’s Tiempo Genio II and the Adidas Performance Men’s Goletto VI FG Soccer Shoe.


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