What Are The Best Soccer Cleats for Goalkeepers?

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best soccer cleats for goalkeepers

It is true that some goalies are not necessarily interested in finding out what are the best soccer cleats for goalkeepers, but obviously you know better. It is absolutely important for goalkeepers to have soccer boots that enhance their game. A quick note – if you purchase any products through my links here on this page I will receive a small commission but at no extra cost to you. Well, let’s discuss a few pairs that I think are some of the best.

Product Feature

Adidas Predator 18.1


Great for close control

Ankle support


Nike Tiempo Legend 7 Elite



Great touch on ball

Very comfortable


Puma Future 18.1


Snug fit

Firm grip on surface


Adidas Men’s Ace 17.3 Primesh



Great for close control

Excellent stud alignment for grip


Nike Mercurial Superfly




Soft leather upper


The soccer cleats I believe are best for any goalie between the bars, are the Adidas Predator 18.1, Nike Tiempo Legend 7 Elite, Puma Future 18.1, Adidas Men’s Ace 17.3 Primemesh, and the Nike Mercurial Superfly.

Adidas Predator 18.1 – Very Good For Goalies

You can click the image above – The Adidas predator boot is a great boot for goalkeepers for several reasons. One of these reasons is the Controlskin upper which is great for close control of the ball.

Goalies get very involved in the game of play, and nowadays when strikers are bearing down on you, a goalkeeper needs to be able to control quickly and pass off to a defender in tight circumstances.

This boot has a very adaptive upper that takes on the shape of your foot but does so comfortably, especially in your heel area. The ankle collar is another source of stability for the goalie and the fact that this boot is lightweight, gives any goalkeeper a big advantage while in the heat of the game.

Nike Tiempo Legend 7 Elite – A Great Option

You can click the image above – The Nike Tiempo Legend is another great pair of soccer cleats for goalkeepers and Nike has long been a quality manufacturer of soccer cleats. These Nike Tiempo Legend soccer cleats are very suitable for goal keepers for several reasons.

As a goal keeper you still need to have a great touch in and around the box. In these days when passing the ball back to the goal keeper is so common, the touch of the boot is very important. Goal keepers love to own a ball so have a look here if you are looking for a top backpack that can hold a ball. A good ball to train with is a size 4 soccer ball as well! 

This soccer cleat has an upper that is made of kangaroo leather and as a result gives any goal keeper wearing them a great touch on the ball. Additionally, the outsole stud configuration allows for good traction on the soccer pitch. The inserts of this boot are also very comfortable.

It is for these reasons that the Nike Tiempo Legend boots are considered one of the soccer cleats of choice for goal keepers. These boots lead to the goal keeper having a good touch and they provide a high level of comfort during the game.

Puma Future 18.1 – Great For Goal Keepers

You can click the image above – The Puma Future 18.1 soccer cleat is a great pair of soccer cleats for goalkeepers for several reasons. One of these reasons is how well it fits with its Netft technology.

This allows for a snug fit, so that when a goalie has to change direction or spring into a save, the boots fit snug onto the feet of the goalkeeper with no dead space inside.

The array of studs as well, a mix of bladed and conical, allows a goalkeeper to have a great grip on the playing surface, especially when there is a need to change direction quickly. These studs perform well on both firm ground surfaces and artificial grass as well.

Another great feature of this boot is its lightweight. This is always great for goalkeepers because it allows them to move freely about the 18-yard box.

Nowadays when goalkeepers get so involved in passing the ball to foot and receiving a pass to foot, mobility is key to a goalkeeper’s success. This is indeed an incredible pair of cleats for goalkeepers.

Adidas Men’s Ace 17.3 Primemesh Soccer Cleats

You can click the image above – Another attribute of good goal keeping is to be able to operate at high speed.

When your defender passes the ball back to you it must be a firm pass so that for the most part the goal keeper can either redirect his kick back up the field or control it for himself, change body position, then perhaps pass it to another defender.

In these instances the goal keeper must be able to control these return passes coming back to him at high speed and he needs to follow his instinct so that the next move can be taken quickly.

The Adidas Ace Primesh soccer cleats really helps with this. The Primesh Upper provides a sock-like fit that enables the goal keeper to be able to control balls at high speed while still remaining very comfortable. The stud alignment on these soccer clears are also designed to assist with this high speed stability – very much needed as a goal keeper.

It is for these reasons that the Adidas Ace Primesh soccer cleats are considered to be one of the best pairs of soccer boots for goalkeepers.

The Nike Mercurical Superfly

You can click the image above – This boot is lightweight and as a result is not a barrier to speed at all for goalies. This is the main advantage of the Nike Mercurical Superfly boot. The comfort level of this pair of cleats is also very high because it has high quality cushioning on the inside.

In some games, a goalie may not be very involved if their team is dominant but may suddenly have to spring into action. During the inactive minutes you want to be wearing a well cushioned and comfortable pair of boots so that if you are called into action later on the game, discomfort does not cause you to perform less than your best.

The soft leather upper is also a plus, because it assists a goalie being able to control the soccer ball closely. A very good pair of boots for goal keepers.


I believe that these five pairs of boots rank very highly as the best soccer cleats for goalkeepers. They all have their individual qualities and are excellent choices for goal keepers. As stated before, the goal keeper function has become very dynamic over the years. Even some top referee soccer shoes have similar qualities as these. 

There was the era when the goal keeper could pick up all balls passed back to him with his hands. That rule was then outlawed and essentially the goal keeper had to adapt to being very good with controlling a pass from his defenders, and passing the ball out to his teammates on the same play since he could no longer pick it up with his hands.

The new soccer balls of today also swerve quite a bit as they move through the air. These changes in the game create the reasons why goal keepers need botts that provide good stability, facilitate a great touch and good ball control at high speed.

In our opinion these soccer cleats – the Adidas Predator 18.1Nike Tiempo Legend 7 ElitePuma Future 18.1Adidas Men’s Ace 17.3 Primemesh, and the Nike Mercurical Superfly, greatly assist the goal keeper with being a success on the pitch.


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