What are the Best Soccer Cleats For Orthotics?

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There are many people out there who want to know what are the best soccer cleats for orthotics. It really should be no surprise that among all the people that play soccer there are some who have conditions that prohibit them from playing the game naturally, without needing any extra support for leg conditions that they may have.

In the case of soccer, yes, orthotics definitely come into play for some, and are the reason why some can still play the game comfortably, over a period of time, although they may have some foot conditions which would give rise to discomfort normally while playing the game, if it weren’t for orthotics.

Cleats For Orthotics

The best cleats for orthotics are those cleats that allow for a clean and snug fit of the newly installed set of orthotics. For instance, a pair of soccer cleats that allow you to remove the insole, is always a good start. Removing the original insole of the soccer cleat will give you the room and space that is needed to comfortably place your orthotics in the soccer cleat, allowing it to immediately begin to work for you.

Some of the wider soccer cleats like the Adidas copa mundials and several others are great because they are not too narrow. Also, the fact that they are made from leather is an advantage because of how well leather stretched compared to other materials that soccer cleats are made of. Of course this is not the only pair of soccer cleats that are great for orthotics by any means, but once you have a good pair of soccer cleats that allow you to remove the original insert, you will have a pair of cleats that have enough room to take the orthotics you place inside them.

Space in the Heel Area

Another element that would help you choose the best soccer cleats for orthotics, is if you soccer cleats have a respectable amount of space in the heel area. This is of a great benefit for the orthotics because you do not want there to be any reduction in space, especially in this sensitive area, when it is time to insert your orthotics. If your soccer boots have room in the heel area – not unfitted and slack room, but room to accommodate for a comfortable fit of the heel, then you are also starting at an advantage, if you need to use orthotics in your soccer cleats.

So in a nutshell, space in the heel area is as helpful as taking out the original insole of that came with the soccer cleats, if you have to insert orthotics to handle any foot condition you may have. Have a look at this article for examples of cleats with good space in the area of the heel.

Reliable Orthotics

There are several orthotics out there for use with soccer cleats. You want to ensure that you get a pair that is not only comfortable, but that has the compression properties to absorb any shock that may be placed on the affected area of your foot, such as the heel in the case of plantar fasciitis, or the arches as in the case of overpronation.

There are several of these on the market but have a look at this article to see some of the ones that are very reliable and doing good things for many people with these foot conditions out there. When you are choosing your orthotics it is always great to go with those that have been recommended by your podiatrist or if you are shopping online you should do your own due diligence before making a choice.

One thing is for sure though, if you are experiencing any discomfort while playing soccer, it is always best to get it checked out. I recommend investing in at least some good orthotics that can absorb the shock and take the pain away because these items are extremely effective and will stand you in good stead whether you are a competitive player or you are someones who like to play just for fun.

Soccer Cleats With Good Arch Support

Another area that assists with some of these foot conditions is the amount of support you have around the arch area. This is an area that you want to be well-supported, especially if you have flat arches and wide feet. The combination of soccer cleats with good arch support, coupled with the use of good orthotics can bring a soccer player much needed comfort.

As all players of the beautiful game know, comfort is one of the main ingredients behind how well a person plays, whether it be competitive or recreational. As long as you can have a strong handle on your level of comfort then you are beginning with a head start. Having a pair of soccer cleats that have good arch support is a great start, and when combined with the best orthotics out there on the market, you are on the road to maximum comfort.


In conclusion, the best cleats for orthotics are those that you can easily remove the original insole, those that have an adequate heel fit, and those that have good support in the arch area of the cleats. We discussed these three key points above and have referred you to some articles where you can get even more information.

These types of foot conditions are very common, not only in soccer but in any activity that involves use of the foot, leg, knee, and ankle, such as just walking, or running, although those activities are considered to be more linear than a sport like soccer, where you change direction and have so much more lateral movement than in the case of running or walking.

It is because of the change in direction, acceleration, and deceleration involved in the game, that makes these foot conditions of a different nature when compared to walking and running. So when looking for orthotics, ensure that you get the type recommended for soccer and you will be well on your way to playing the sport comfortably.

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  1. Hi ilovesoccer! , arch support cleats are great but it too tigh and so, it’s hard to playing with these types cleats..
    can you please suggest me any best cleats which have arch support and give comfort when playing the game.

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