What Is The Best Way To Break in Soccer Cleats?

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So what is the best way to break in soccer cleats? You just bought yourself that new pair of soccer cleats and you are very excited to get them into playing shape. Maybe you are in the middle of your soccer season or you are just getting ready to begin training for that upcoming season.

In fact, you could have just bought them to play a few pick up games to get some exercise in, but you are eager to get out there with the guys or gals and play some soccer! What ever the reason is, you want these soccer cleats to feel like they were made for your foot and to be a non factor in how comfortable you are while you are out there on the field of play.

Ambient Temperature While Wearing A new Pair of Boots

One of the things to look out for when you are breaking in your soccer cleats is the temperature. If it is extremely cold, it will be a bit harder for you to break your shoes in. Now if it is very hot, the question of comfort while wearing the shoes to break them in will come into play.

You generally want to be breaking your shoes in while experiencing normal playing temperatures i.e. between 65 degrees F and 88 degrees F. Now if you wear you soccer boots around outside of this temperature range then it is not that big of a deal but just bear in mind that extremely hot ambient temperatures or extremely cold ambient temperatures will affect your efforts to break in your soccer cleats, to some degree.

Getting Your Foot Accustomed to the New Pair Of Soccer Cleats

One of the top recommendations to break in your soccer cleats is to wear them as you walk around and move about the house for several days in a stretch. This will get your feet accustomed to not just the feel of the boot, but the shape of the inside of the boot, as well as the texture of the inside of the boot. Especially if you had a pair of boots recently before switching, it will take some time for this new pair of cleats to “sink in” for your feet – a process you can help along by wearing the new pair of cleats while at home, as opposed to waiting until the next scrimmage then to try to wear them for the first time at that

What Kind of Socks Are Best To Wear

Some people, when they are carrying out what we discussed in the precious paragraph, mistakenly do this without any socks. Another mistake they may make is to do this while wearing only ankle socks. These are two mistakes to be avoided when you are looking to break in your new pair of soccer cleats. Wearing the boots without any socks at all will certainly have the potential to create some issues.

You may end up with bruising or scratches against your Achilles tendon as the cleats conform to your foot and as you move around in them. If you wear just the ankle socks you definitely won’t be breaking your new pair of cleats in for official match play, where you will be wearing tall soccer socks and possibly another pair of socks on the inside of those. In general, you want to wear the same amount of socks and type of socks that you would be wearing during game play.

Know Exactly What Feels Comfortable To You

Now this point may sound like a no brainer but you really do have to know what is your comfortable for your feet. Some people get so excited with the fact that they finally got that new pair of soccer cleats that they don’t really want to admit that there is a different feel to the new pair from the old one they were accustomed to. In their excitement while wearing the new pair around, they try to conform to the new pair without even revisiting what was comfortable about the old pair.

When this happens you risk not walking around in the new pair at home as long as you really should because you think that after a few days maybe this is what this pair feels like when broken in. No don’t stop short, keep wearing them until they really feel as comfortable and as well fitted as your last pair, then of course test your theory out on the field of play.

What To Avoid When Breaking In A New Pair Of Cleats

Some of you may be wondering what types of thing to avoid when you are breaking in your new pair of soccer cleats. One of the things i would avoid is the use of hot water method. There are several risks involved in this such as damaging the boots, weakening the cleats, and of course, since your foot is not in the shoe when you are applying the hot water, the end product may not be what you prefer.

Some people actually perform the hot water method while their feet are in the boots and that to me is an absolute no no – suppose you have the temperature too hot?? You risk being burned of course. It is for these reasons that I avoid the hot water method. Another item to avoid is rushing the break-in period. You really should walk around in the boots while you are at home for several hours a day for at least about ten days.

When you do this and factor in a couple sessions on the field along with this break-in time, you will be golden. Some people though try to rush the break-in time. This is something to avoid for sure. Just have a little patience during this break-in time, wear the shoes around the house, with two pairs of socks, just like you would in a game and you will be good to go.


As long as you follow the guidance provided in the above paragraphs you will be breaking in your new pair of soccer cleats in the best way possible because following those steps are the best way to break in soccer cleats. Forget the hot water and wear them new cleats all about the house when you first get them for the first two weeks or so, and you are well on your way to breaking them boots in and making them as comfortable as ever during the game of play.


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