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So you want to know what is some of the best protective headgear for soccer? No problem at all! The fact of the matter is that in the last couple of years, many sports have started to pay closer attention to the effects of head injuries on the players.

If you decide to purchase any products through the links on this site, I may get a small commission but this is at no extra cost to you, so you are all set. Bottom line – head injuries are no joke, whether in sport or otherwise, so protecting against these injuries is a very smart thing to do.

Well let’s cut to the chase – the best protective headgear for soccer that I have come across are the Gamebreaker Aura Protective Soccer Headband, the Full 90 Sports Premier Performance Soccer Headgear, the Storelli Exoshield Soccer Headguard, Markwort Forcefield Protective Headband, the DonJoy Hatrick Protective Headgear and the Unequal Halo 3.0 Protective Headgear.

The Game Breaker Aura Protective Soccer Headband

Some people may think that a headband is too simple a wearable item to deal effectively with a head collision or any type of impact to the head, however the Game Breaker Aurta Protective Soccer band quickly dispels this notion. This soccer headband is very protective for the head for several reasons.

The materials that this headband is made of are not bulky and uncomfortable. In fact they are lightweight, very comfortable and durable. This makes for pleasant wearing during a game of soccer to the extent that you may not even remember that you are wearing this head band.

Another key component of this headband is the D30 Impact technology. The materials of this technology do an excellent job of not only absorbing the shock of an impact but they also quickly do away with the forces of this impact after absorption, and as a result the athlete’s’s head does not suffer the force of the collision.

Some additional qualities of this collision head protective gear is that it also does a great job of sweat wicking and will comfortably stay on a person’s head without falling off. All in all this is a great piece of protective headgear for anyone who plays soccer.

The Full 90 Sports Premier Performance Soccer Headgear

The Full 90 Soccer headgear is a very effective and comfortable piece of equipment for head protection while playing sports. The comfort of this piece of headgear comes from its Forcebloc foam. It is also fitted with an inner lining called Cool Max Fabric. This lining accelerates moisture removal which is quite important for a soccer player, who does not want to have to be constantly dealing with lots of moisture while they are playing the game.

This protective headgear is also lightweight and is not bulky at all. The protection also goes around to the occipital lobe, located at the back of the head. This part of the head can be impacted when two players go up in the air to contest an air ball, or if a player falls backwards and the back of their head impacts the ground. As a result, this expanse of protection in the occipital lobe area is very important.

All in all, I would say that this is also a very effective piece of soccer headgear protective equipment.

The Storelli Exosield Soccer Headguard

The Storelli Exoshield headgear is a sure winner for protective headgear. It is lauded as one of the best sets of protective headgear out there on the market and has several properties about it that make it so. Let’s touch on a couple of these qualities briefly.

This of headgear is another lightweight and effective pair. With its lightweight you almost forget that it is being worn. This allows a player to have their mind exactly where it should be – on the game at hand. It has been reported as being comfortable for players with different hair types, which is always a plus. At 8 ounces the level of comfort is more than noteworthy.

This headgear uses extremely favorable materials for shock absorption. It uses a 9mm of combat-grade Team Wendy Zorbium foam for this purpose. This material is also used by military forces and is made to reduce g-forces to the head by up to 50%! This is absolutely great for head protection during a soccer game and should be heavily considered when making your final decision on the best protective headgear for soccer.

The Markwort Forcefield Protective Headband

When considering the best protective headgear for soccer the Markwort Forcefield Protective headband is a less robust but effective option. This is quite simply a headband. Though it is less robust it still does have some admirable features. One of these features are that it is as ventilated as one can get with headgear.

Another positive with this headband is that because of its low profile, when a player goes to head the ball, it is as though they are heading the ball with their bare head, so the accuracy of the header is not negatively impacted.

This headband also has a polymeric material that absorbs the shock. It has been reported as effective but is not as robust as some of the other choices listed here in this article. The headband is very good for keeping perspiration out of the eyes of the player and is also reversible and washable.

All in all this is a protective headband but not as robust or highly regarded as some of the others listed here in this article.

The DonJoy Hatrick Protective Headgear

The Donjoy Hatrick Protective Headgear is also one of the best protective sets of headgear for soccer players. Not only is it allowed for use by the US Soccer federation but it is also favored by the world body FIFA and that speaks volume. The National State federation of High Schools also permit this headgear to be used. Let’s look at some more qualities of this protective headgear.

This headgear reduces heads to head contact by 50%. This is a great plus for soccer players as they need all the head protection they can get, against collisions. This of headgear is also up to ASTM standard which means that is satisfied all the parameters that need to be fulfilled to be considered safe for use.

Another positive about this piece of headgear is that it allows for natural head movement, because of its ergonomic build, and because of its low profile. It is also quite ventilated.

The Unequal Halo 3 Protective Headgear

The Unequal Halo 3 is another favorable piece of head protective gear for soccer players that is among the best offered on the market. Like several of the other headgear listed in this article, it allows for true heading of the ball without any interference to the way the ball bounces off your head. Your heading and direction of heading will continue unaltered during game play while wearing this headgear.

One of the strong points of this headgear is its impact dispersal properties. The material this headgear is made of is very effective at achieving great levels of this as a result of its Neuro Technology, which is also considered to be military grade, and great for shock absorption as well as impact dispersal. These are the properties you want to have working to protect your head during a soccer game.

One other positive is that this protection is 360 degrees. Yes, all around, not just the front and the back. This is very important in protecting players from head injuries or impact.

All in all this is a great source of protection for soccer players and should be considered when looking for appropriate head protection.


In conclusion therefore we see several examples of some of the best protective headgear for soccer. In my opinion they are all very good for the purpose and will continue to protect soccer players from impact during game play, bringing about a safer environment on the field of play. Once again these are my six favorites – the Gamebreaker Aura Protective Soccer Headband, the Full 90 Sports Premier Performance Soccer Headgear, the Storelli Exoshield Soccer Headguard, Markwort Forcefield Protective Headband, the DonJoy Hatrick Protective Headgear and the Unequal Halo 3.0 Protective Headgear.


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