Want To Know How to Clean Smelly Soccer Cleats?

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People who play alot of soccer, at some point, want to know the best way to clean smelly soccer cleats. Soccer is definitely the type of game that makes you sweat very soon after you start to kick the ball around. So much so, that in most cases, you are not even tracking how much you sweat because you are enjoying the game so much. Whether it is a competitive official match or a quick pick me up in the evening after class or work, we enjoy the game and afterwards when we return home, there is the possibility that we have a pair of smelly soccer cleats.

Some people’s soccer cleats get smelly quicker than others so not all players have this problem but for those who do, let’s look at some ways to handle it. A quick note also to let you know that if you purchase a product through one of these links I will receive a commission but not at any extra cost to you. Ok, let’s have a look at some products that can help you. Off the bat, my recommendations are these three products – the Simple Shine Premium Shoe Deodorizer Spray, StankStix Odor Eliminator and the Sof Sole Sneaker Balls.

The Simple Shine Premium Shoe Deodorizer Spray – Great for Smelly Soccer Cleats

Feel free to click the image for more information but in a nutshell this product will act strongly against any smell in your soccer cleats. The eucalyptus oil lemongrass sassafras and other natural ingredients work powerfully against any smelly soccer cleats and as a result will have a strong and positive effect on your soccer cleats. No one likes smelly soccer cleats and just as some past users have said, this product will not only work effectively on soccer cleats made from different types of materials such as leather etc. but as a bonus, it is actually eco-friendly while being effective. Click the image for more information on this product.

The StankStix Odor Eliminator – Excellent for Smelly Soccer Cleats

If you are trying to find out how to clean smelly soccer cleats this is another product that can help you to get rid of the smelly odor. The Stankstix works against the bacteria that causes the smelly odor and does so effectively. It also absorbs moisture and this is a huge factor of why this is effective. There are persons who have said that they tried many things but this is the only one that really gave them great results. Several persons have stated that they were subconsciously worried about taking off their shoes when visiting friends. When they finally got around to trying the Stankstix, they were pleasantly surprised at how effective it was. This product is definitely one of the favorites for getting rid of the odor in smelly soccer cleats. Click the image for more information on this product.

Sof Sole Sneaker Balls – Another Great Solution for Smelly Soccer Cleats

These are quite effective. While the StakStix is my favorite solution for smell soccer cleats, I still rate these as a pretty good solution. Some persons have said that they had very good results using these while others said they did not help at all. So when purchasing these, the truth is things can swing either way. I would say its worth it to try especially at that economical a cost. The advantage they have is that because of their small size they can really get up into the corners of your soccer cleats i.e up by the toe, to absorb any smelly odor in these areas, as well as other areas along the length of the soccer cleat. The Sof Sole Sneaker balls are definitely worth a try and may work out to be the best solution for you.

Why Do Soccer Cleats Get Smelly?

Moisture has a lot to do with soccer cleats getting smelly. When the sweat generated from playing the beautiful game makes its way through your socks and into the inner materials of your soccer cleats, it carries with it an odor. Just like the shirt or shorts you play in would carry an odor if you just leave them there to dry without removing the perspiration, the same thing happens with soccer cleats. The cleats are closed shoes so as expected it is difficult to naturally air out and as a result the moisture coupled with the closed confines of a cleat makes for a not too pleasant smell.

The basics of the above gives rise to the smelly odor you get from some soccer cleats. Also, if you are someone that has bad foot odor this will easily transfer to your soccer cleats as you wear them. The products above will assist you with getting rod of the smelly odors in your soccer cleats. Let’s look now at some ways of cleaning smelly soccer cleats.

How To Deep Clean Smelly Soccer Cleats

If you really need to do a deep clean of your soccer cleats, well this can de easily done. Place you soccer cleats in a bucket of warm water and let them soak there for anywhere between half an hour to an hour. Place some washing detergent in the water. After the first half hour remove each cleat and give the inside a scrubbing with a slender hard brush, then let them soak some more. Once the time is up, scrub the inside of the cleats again then rinse out both soccer cleats. After this allow your shoes to dry, then use any of the above three recommended methods to secure a pleasant fragrance.


There you have it – so if you want to now how to clean smelly soccer cleats, go ahead and try these methods and see which one works best for you. They are all relatively economical methods so there is no harm in trying them, not all at once, but at different times, and only if you think you want to try all three methods. Deep cleaning is always a good start to fresher soccer cleats so go ahead and try the method suggested above for that, however you want to avoid having to do a deep clean then choose one of these three products, and make it happen – the Simple Shine Premium Shoe Deodorizer SprayStankStix Odor Eliminator and the Sof Sole Sneaker Balls.


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