What Are The Best Insoles for Youth Soccer Cleats?

The best insoles for youth soccer cleats are those that bring comfort to the feet of those young persons that play the beautiful game. There are a number of insoles for youth soccer cleats out there but there are a few that stand out.

The reason these in particular stand out is that while they bring comfort to those who wear them, they also empower these youths to enjoy the game without pain or discomfort to the underside of the foot, secondarily allowing them to not only enjoy the sport more but to log more on-field time playing the beautiful sport of soccer.

If you decide to purchase any of these insoles from this page I may earn a commission, however this will come at no expense to you. You pay the same price. 

My aim here is to provide you with some added value and knowledge on these insoles, so that you can quickly make a decision on which set of youth soccer insoles are best for you to purchase.

My picks for best soccer insoles for youth soccer cleats are the Kid Sole’s Children’s Athletic Memory Foam Insole, the Ailaka Kids Orthotic Cushioning Arch Support Shoe Insoles, the Basmile Shoe Insoles, the Superfeet CARBON Insole and the Kidsole Red Orthotic Sports Insole.

Kid Sole’s Children’s Athletic Memory Foam Insole

The Kidosle Childrens Athletic Memory Foam Insoles are very good for soccer insoles for youth. What are some of the good things about these insoles? Firstly, they are good for flat feet. People have said that seeing these worn by kids who have flat feet and have used custom insoles in the past, were pleasantly surprised by how well these insoles worked for them.

They have also helped children who suffer from overpronation. The gel parts of the insoles are an added and welcomed part of these insoles and contribute highly to their effectiveness in being sturdy and supportive of feet that encounter overpronation.

These insoles also have good cushion in the area of the heel so they help a lot with severs disease in youth. The cushion in this area has seen many accolades for providing comfort to the heel as well.

Some persons have said that they found that support for the arch was lacking so this may be something to watch out for but if your kid or the person you are considering purchasing these for does not experience a major need for support in the arch from the insole, you are good to go.

Ailaka Kids Orthotic Cushioning Arch Support Shoe Insoles

The Ailaka insoles for kids have been celebrated as one of the best insoles for youth soccer cleats as well. They have effectively given comfort to kids with foot conditions such as high arches, overpronation, and flat feet just to name a few. They have also assisted in a big way with kids who have experienced arch pain.

People have spoken very highly about the fabric. It is made from velvet and this absorbs the sweat from the foot, resulting in the foot feeling cooler and more comfortable.

These insoles have anti slip stripes which add a measure of safety when they are being worn. The material the insoles are made of (premium grade foam) provides a very comfortable cushion and long-lasting support as compared to other insoles on the market. It is indeed one of the strong parts of this particular insole.

Basmile Shoe Insoles

The Basmile Shoe insoles are another pair of insoles that are great for use in soccer cleats for young people as well as in other types of foot wear. These come highly recommended by past purchasers as a dependable type of insoles for youth soccer cleats.

One of the great attributes of this pair of soccer insoles are the mesh fabric surface because this allows for air to circulate about the foot, which in turn leaves it well ventilated and fresh.

This pair of soccer insoles have given great results for youth with conditions such as plantar fasciitis and flat feet. The added comfort that the person wearing gets from this pair has been lauded as exceptional.

Persons with high arches and those who experience heel pain have said that these insoles have said that these insoles brought them much needed comfort that they needed and have said nothing but good things about this pair of insoles.

It is for this reason that this pair can be considered one of the best insoles for youth soccer cleats.

Superfeet CARBON Insoles

The Superfeet Carbon Insoles have a great reputation for being very good insoles. Not only are they good insoles for the youth but hey are also good insoles for adults as well. We are here to deal with the younger ones though so let’s look quickly at some of the advantages to be gained from using a pair of these insoles

The Superfeet Carbon’s proprietary carbon fiber & polymer blend material has added great structural support and comfort to those using these insoles for a long time and is one of several advantages this brand has over others.

The Superfeet Carbon Insoles have a lower profile and as such is perfect for adding comfort to those with flat feet. The heel cup in these insoles provide a comfortable support platform for your heel. This allows the foot to sit comfortably in position, and because of the low profile of the arch with this brand, is very comfortable for flat feet.

Kidsole Red Orthotic Sports Insole

Again, this is one of the best pairs of soccer cleats for youth soccer cleats because of several things. The Redsole insoles are made from a new revolutionary sturdy but soft material, which is extremely comfortable.

These insoles actually mold themselves over time to the feet of the person wearing them and as such has been reported to provide maximum relief to arch pain and heel pain.

This pair of insoles also has a Blue Poron grip which stops the insoles from sliding inside your kids soccer cleats. With respect to pain – several persons have said that they noticed their kids did not experience the type of pain they were feeling with much more expensive orthotics, as compared to when they wore a pair of Kidsole Red orthotic insoles.


In my opinion these are four of the best insoles for youth soccer cleats. They provide orthotic relief in several cases and they provide comfort to those wearing them. Whether it is the material they are made from, or the profile of the insoles, they have performed well over time.

Click on the following links to get more information on these insoles – the Kid Sole’s Children’s Athletic Memory Foam Insole, the Ailaka Kids Orthotic Cushioning Arch Support Shoe Insoles, the Basmile Shoe Insoles, the Superfeet CARBON Insole and the Kidsole Red Orthotic Sports Insole.

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