What Are The Best Soccer Cleats For Heel Pain in 2022

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best soccer cleats for heel pain

What are the best soccer cleats for heel pain? Well, as a soccer player myself I know there is nothing worse than feeling pain in your heel during the game or after the game is finished. This can happen to kids and to adults. Another cause of pain is overpronation, but that’s a story for another time. If you decide to purchase any products through my affiliate links on this page, I may receive a small commission, but at no extra cost to you.

Product Feature

Diadora Forza


Eva foam

Foam in Heel


Adidas Predator 19.3



Hybrid Stud Tips


Vizari Infinity-kids


Padded Collar

Excellent Traction


Cambridge Select-Kids


Secure Fit


Adidas Goletto 6-kids


Flexible Outsole


Puma Evopower 18.3


Stretchable Upper


Nike Mercurial Superfly


Roomy Heel



Ok, as it relates to heel comfort, let’s look at the a few pairs of the most comfortable soccer cleats for kids, as well as those for adults.

There are several factors to it, but if someone had to ask me what are the best soccer cleats for heel pain for adults, I would recommend as the table above shows, the Puma Evapower 1.3, the Adidas Predator 19.3, the Nike Mercurial Superfly V, and the Diadora Forza MD.

Diadora Forza MD – Comfortable on the Heel

The Diadora Forza MD is a very comfortable soccer boot especially in the heel area. The fixed EVA foam in this soccer boot provides the ability to absorb shock and this adds to the comfort level experienced when you are using this pair of boots.

There is also an added area of foam right beneath the heel of this boot which of course makes life very comfortable for your heel. This boot is a good choice for heel comfort. Click the image for more info.

Adidas Predator 19.3  – Very Comfortable Cleats

The Adidas Predator 19.3 is another very comfortable soccer cleat. This comfort comes from its Structured Primesh upper which when combined with the overall material of the boot leads to maximum comfort. Another interesting point about these boots are that because of the upper’s design the boot will mimic the shape of your heel.

This combined with a very sock-like fit, provides a cleat structure that absorbs shock very well during game play. For these reasons this boot is also considered a very comfortable boot on the heel. When ordering this pair of cleats be sure to order a half size larger. Click the image for more info.

Recommended Cleats For The Younger Ones

The Vizari Infinity soccer cleats is one of the most comfortable for kids and gets a high rating of 90% from me. Click the cleat to the right for more information ===>

The Adidas Goletto 6 is another very comfortable soccer cleat for the kids especially in the heel area and gets about an 85% rating from me. Click the cleat to the right for more info ===>

Another great pair of soccer cleats for heel pain for the kids, and generally very comfortable all around are the Cambridge Select soccer cleats. Click the cleat to the right for more information ===>

Puma Men’s Evopower 1.3

These boots have a reputation for being one of the best soccer cleats for heel pain. It is considered a very comfortable boot because of the material it is made from as well as the fact that the stud configuration and engineered outsole work together to produce less impact on the feet.

This boot has been a favorite of those looking for a comfortable boot to play soccer in but one caution is that players with a wide foot may need to be a bit careful with this one. Click the image for more info.

Nike Mercurial Superfly V

The Nike Mercurial Superfly V provides the soccer player with several areas of comfort. Firstly the dynamic fit collar adds a level of comfort that you don’t see in many soccer cleats with a collar. Additionally, the heel area of this boot is cut slightly bigger than previous releases and as a result your heel sits comfortably inside.

Not only is there more room in this region for your heel but the insole is sufficiently cushioned to add even more comfort. For these reasons, I would classify this boot as one of the best soccer cleats for heel pain. Click the image for more info.

Severs Disease Is Painful – This is why you need the Best Soccer Cleats for heel pain

Pain in the heel occurs when the boots you wear do not have that added midsole support and as a result it does not allow the boot to absorb shock as it should. There is quite a force exerted on your heel when your boot studs come into contact with the surface that you are playing on and this force, if not absorbed by comfortable and well padded soccer cleats, can exert a large amount of force on what is called the growth plate.

In some instances just purchasing gel inserts will do the trick for you because they add that extra cushion and shock absorption to the pair of boots you currently wear and can really improve the comfort you are experiencing with your present pair of boots.

It is advisable however not to depend solely on the gel inserts but to start with having a boot that provides a high comfort level for the heel so that you experience good heel comfort from the time you first wear the soccer cleats.

What’s the Common Denominator – Soccer Cleats With Heel Cushion and Heel Room

This is indeed true! In all the examples of soccer cleats discussed above, and as expected, the better the cushioning around the heel, the more comfort is provided for the soccer player. Also the deeper the heel can sit in the shoe the more the boot can be considered as one of the best soccer cleats for heel pain. The different technologies used in the design of the above-mentioned boots also add to these cleats.

These technologies bring the conversion of advanced research into tangible results for those players that wear these soccer cleats during a recreational pick-up game or in an organized match between to two teams.

The room in the heel area should also be of note because the more accommodating the shape of the boot in the heel area, the more comfortable for the soccer player, especially if this is accompanied by cushion in this area.


In conclusion therefore there are four pairs of boots that have been highlighted as the best soccer cleats for heel pain. They all provide that support that is needed for Severs disease and because of the technology involved in their design, they have been recommended as best for any soccer player experiencing heel pain. Some of the top soccer boots for attackers and top soccer cleats for defenders, deal with this item quite effectively as well. 

Not only is the technology used to design the boots of an advanced level but the fact that they also have an adequate cushion. The pairs I recommend are the Puma Evapower 1.3, the Adidas Predator 19.3, the Nike Mercurial Superfly V, and the Diadora Forza MD.



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